My Gin Journey

What’s the appeal?

Why is Gin becoming so popular?

Is it the sophisticated tastes, the gorgeously designed bottles or the sheer volume of flavours now available on the market?

I think about my Gin journey, what was the appeal for me? to be honest all the above. I had never been an advocate of Gin in fact I was the complete opposite I had a real detest for the spirit. I think this stemmed from a bad experience with a glass of what tasted like paint stripper when I was a lot younger and I think a rather underdeveloped palate.

I had often heard of people talking about nights drinking Gin or seen people indulging in a G&T usually Bombay Sapphire or a Gordons, but it had never really appealed to me I was quite happy with a Vodka, a glass of Sauvignon or a sparkly glass of Prosecco. I have always enjoyed a drink or two.

A holiday with friends who were keen Gin drinkers completely changed my attitude towards Gin, I was introduced to two fantastic new flavours, Hendricks Gin served in a beautiful balloon glass with cucumber, Fevertree tonic and huge ice blocks. On a very warm day the citrus tang and smooth flavour was an absolute delight and then a Tanqueray No10 with a wedge of Lime and Tonic.

This moment changed my life, a new hobby was born. I suddenly developed the need to keep experiencing the delight that a gorgeously crafted glass of G&T can bring. Quite quickly I found so many reasons to get involved, I love exploring the different flavour combinations, I love the sleek designed bottles that are available, and I love the ability to be so creative with the spirit.

I believe the industry will continue to grow as it really has the ability attract people for many different reasons.


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